Virtual Velocity offers professional services that help companies and organizations broadcast live meetings, training and events to satellite office locations around the world.

Using the latest in communications and internet technology like online video, VOIP and audio conferencing, we facilitate and support elearning, live streams, Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT), new hire training, pocket meetings, webcasts and more.

Virtual Velocity puts your business face-to-face and in high definition, with employees, partners, colleagues, customers or general public who are unable to attend in person. Hold a meeting anytime, day or night, no matter if your audience is across town or across time zones.



If you find yourself intimidated about transitioning some or all of your in-person meetings, trainings and events to virtual, you are not alone. Building a virtual program from scratch is hard work! Virtual Velocity’s seasoned experts have 20+ years of virtual video and audio experience to help you quickly and easily get your program off the ground or spice up your existing program, which means you can rest easy.


We take what you do live or in a classroom and massage it into a complete virtual training plan that will rival or better the engagement of a face-to-face audience at a fraction of the cost.


Not every company needs a Luke Skywalker to handle their project from start to finish. Some simply need a Yoda by their side to guide them or to step in when the going gets tough. For those clients, we offer the force remote technical and production support for virtual meetings, trainings, webinars and events for pennies on the dollar of live, on-site support.


Looking to host your own virtual events but have no idea how or where to start? Look no further. With Virtual Velocity your search is over. Our Do It For You (DFY) and Do It With Help (DWH) options mean you don’t have to fly solo.


Is it possible to run a webinar that is interesting, fun and doesn’t bore people to tears or put them to sleep? Absolutely. In fact, we have done this for so many major brands in corporate America, for nearly a decade, people call us the webinar guys.


Nailing a webcast is no walk in the park. The video has to be crisp, audio has to be clear, camera angles have to be perfect and the presentation(s) well rehearsed. That being said, our technology consultants know webcasts so well they could probably do them blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs while whistling Dixie.


eLearning services by Virtual Velocity transforms your live classroom into a virtual classroom, making your curriculum accessible to any employee with an internet connection. We configure your virtual room, connect your camera(s) and set up your equipment. All you have to do is focus on helping your audience get the most out of your training modules.


Wrangling everyone at the same place at the same time is no easy task and can be expensive. Our virtual meeting service lets you easily broadcast a meeting wherever you want, to whomever you want, whenever you want with no setup required on your part.


Virtual Velocity live streaming makes it so that not being able to attend in-person does not mean missing out. Our live streams put you front and center of the action, no matter if you are at your workstation, kicking back with your tablet or on the go with your smartphone. WARNING: Live stream side effects may include excited outbursts, spontaneous enjoyment and sudden urges to participate.