SpotMe Production Support

SpotMe Production Support

Options for all sizes

SpotMe is a virtual event platform trusted by many Fortune 500 companies and loved by thousands of users. It’s flexible. It’s highly customizable. It offers engagement tools so captivating you won’t want to look away. 

Virtual Velocity offers complete SpotMe production support for events of all sizes. Whether you’re holding a simple webinar of 10 people or a virtual event for thousands, we can help bring an unforgettable event to your audience’s doorstep, no matter where they are.

Simply Captivating

Let us help you create a simply captivating event. Used correctly, SpotMe’s extensive features can be used by any business to host intriguing live shows, user conferences, symposiums, virtual or hybrid events. Yet, SpotMe’s interface remains simple enough to be comprehensible by everyone.


One of the biggest benefits of going virtual is flexibility. Don’t take your ‘best player’ out of the game by limiting the avenues by which you can collaborate. Virtual Velocity can use SpotMe to create a venue that’s easily accessible on iOS, Android, or web browsers. No downloads. Just a simple experience where your attendees can connect from home, while commuting, at the office, or at an event venue.

Welcome to the Afterparty

Did you know? 75% of attendees prefer to watch on-demand content. Virtual Velocity extends the impact of your event well after the party is over by constructing on-demand recordings, documents, quizzes, and chatbots.


Virtual Velocity can give your event a personalized touch using SpotMe’s customization options. Use features like color palettes and banners to create a custom-branded experience that will have your fingerprints all over it. Our certified team can design every detail of your attendees’ experience with SpotMe’s Backstage. Like a good stagehand, we will direct your audience to the right sessions by sending out personalized agendas, using tags, and building themes.

Highly Engaging

Getting a high attendance count isn’t enough for us. We want people to pay attention. Our production support team leverages SpotMe’s engagement features to make sure people are checked in physically and mentally. Make your event a digital community with SpotMe’s activity feed. Schedule workshops, create breakout rooms, and even add live captioning and interpretation in 100s of languages.

It’s Your Big Day

Connecting with your audience is more crucial than ever. Your participants will act on your message and be fully engaged if they love the event you’re putting on. 

Delivering a memorable event is more than just giving a moving speech. Like a beautiful wedding, people come to watch the ceremony, but what makes the bride and groom shine is the incredible amount of work that goes on behind the scenes.

Like a professional wedding planner, Virtual Velocity works hard to focus the limelight on you. We offer full SpotMe production support so that you can give full attention to your clients. Our team will handle all the details. You just focus on the big event.

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Are you prepared?

Are you prepared to fully learn the ins and outs of SpotMe? Will you be able to handle all the technical details that your attendees might have? Do you know how to pivot mid-meeting if audience engagement starts to drop? How will you break down post-event data so that you can generate leads on interest created? Stay cool. That’s what we’re here for. 

Virtual Velocity has been helping clients put on outstanding virtual and hybrid events for 15+ years. We’ve seen everything there is to be seen and are eager to make your next event one for the books.  

We’re Here to Help

We’re Here to Help

Ready to take the next step? Book an appointment today and let our SpotMe production support team help you create a memorable live online experience.

Ready to take the next step? Book an appointment today and let our SpotMe production support team help you create a memorable live online experience.