PheedLoop Production Support

PheedLoop Production Support

A New Age of Virtual Events

We’re as bored with the standard webinar experience as you are. That’s why our team takes advantage of PheedLoop’s forward-thinking virtual event solution to create a virtual or hybrid event that people will be excited to join.

Virtual Velocity uses PheedLoop’s virtual attendee networking tools to mimic the impact of meeting face-to-face and create a collaborative experience between like-minded teams. Connect through private messaging, 15 gamification options, live polls, and other avenues to raise your audience’s engagement levels higher than ever before.

Strength, Simplicity and Ease

Combine strength with simplicity using PheedLoop. PheedLoop is an event management system that makes streaming your event more affordable and easier to manage than ever.

Virtual Velocity offers full PheedLoop production support for all businesses. Whether your event is virtual, in-person, or you are combining the powers of both by going hybrid, cast off the uncertainty of event planning and let us help you create an experience your attendees will love.

A Modern Event Management System


Our production support team knows that automating workflows is key to working smarter, not harder. Like taking a high-speed elevator to the top of a skyscraper, Virtual Velocity ‘skips the stairs’ by using PheedLoop to take care of repetitive tasks such as:

  • Registration 
  • Speaker follow-up
  • Engagement activities like games and notifications during your event

Streamlining means you have more time and energy to focus on the steps that matter. Let us help you skip the busy work with an integrated automated process that revolutionizes the way you run your events.

Exhibitor Management

Our production support team lightens your workload by giving your virtual attendees more control. Take full advantage of PheedLoop’s exhibitors portals and mobile event app to simplify your workflow. Manage profiles, staff badges, and designs, review contracts, add products, and more.

Speaker Management

Managing speakers can be one of the most difficult phases of event planning. Rounding up your speakers can feel less like assembling a team and more like herding cats. 

Virtual Velocity’s PheedLoop production support team creates a unique portal for each speaker to oversee their profiles, see feedback, and manage engagement tools such as:

  • Slides
  • Automated reminders
  • Live polls & audience questions

How Confident Are You?

What’s worse than a poorly executed event? Falling short when you could have put on a great event.

PheedLoop’s event management system gives you the potential to pull off an exceptional event. But having the tools laid out in front of you isn’t enough. You need to make full use of them to hit your mark.

Are you confident you will be able to fully harness PheedLoop’s extensive features? Can you keep your audience engaged and your team focused when things aren’t going according to plan? The Virtual Velocity production support team has been trained to help you step up when you need to the most.

We Know How to Deliver

The team here at Virtual Velocity has seen it all in the audio and video production world. We don’t view each previous event as just another notch on our belt. Rather, our addiction has been constantly assessing how we can improve. We’ve rejoiced in the good, learned from the bad, and deemed to never repeat the ugly. 

Whether your next virtual event is routine or is the event of the year, we will take everything we learned and pour it into making your next webinar, meeting, or event the best it can possibly be.

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Hit a Home Run

Hit a Home Run

Do you want to ensure your next event is a home run? Book an appointment and together we’ll come up with a game-winning plan of how you can use PheedLoop to deliver an outstanding event.

Do you want to ensure your next event is a home run? Book an appointment and together we’ll come up with a game-winning plan of how you can use PheedLoop to deliver an outstanding event.