Since 2008 Virtual Velocity has provided clients with virtual training and event consulting.

In 2014 Leading Edge Training Solutions or LETS began subcontracting projects to Virtual Velocity to complement their existing service offering and to expand their capabilities, including meeting translation in over 800 languages and dialects, production support and project management for large and/or complex projects.

Virtual Velocity has helped Leading Edge Training Solutions service clients across the globe from Ireland to England, China, Australia, New Zealand and more.

Lee Deaner – Lee is the President and Founder of Leading Edge Training Solutions and works with Virtual Velocity in the areas of virtual training and event strategy and consulting.  

Stanley Saint-Louis – Stanley is the Director of Accounts for Leading Edge Training Solutions and works with Virtual Velocity to develop training and meeting curriculum.

Gary Deamer – Gary is the Director of Production for Leading Edge Training Solutions and works with us to ensure that live streams, webinars, virtual trainings and events go off without a hitch. Virtual Velocity subcontracts with LETS on overflow work and larger, complex events.    

Nick Zerby – Nick is the Director of Business Development at Leading Edge Training Solutions and contracts with us to help service large clients when events run parallel in different locations across the country and around the world.

Virtual Velocity values the client relationship developed with Leading Edge Training Solutions and works hard to service clients of all shapes and sizes when the need arises.

Together, we look forward to continuing to provide you and the rest of our clients with the latest in virtual technology, first class consulting, diligent project management and 5-star customer service.