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Advisory boards or ad boards are a vital piece of the pharmaceutical industry. They allow companies like yours to gain commercial and medical insights about products coming to market or that are on the market. No one knows this better than Virtual Velocity. That is why we provide our clients’ with virtual ad boards. 

Things are constantly changing in this post COVID-19 world and it is important to be able adapt to these changes. Let us help you.


We know how important it is to keep you the client, separate from the advisors in ad boards. By following these standards it keeps you compliant and that makes you happy, especially those in Legal. With Virtual Velocity, you can have peace of mind that your standards are being met and, in some cases, exceeded. But we do more than keep people separate, we also offer the following services for our virtual ad boards:

Blinded Observation

We give can give you and the viewing audience the ability to remain anonymous during the ad board. No one has to know who watched or heard the information being presented, unless you want them to.

Dedicated Support

We provide a producer for the both the advisors and those who are part of your team. The producer will make sure the technology is set and give everyone the attention they need so the session runs smoothly.

Compliance Reporting

We can provide the information you need, including detailed attendance records of who joined and left. We can also tell you when someone left and how long they stayed. Do you have a unique request? Let us know.


We have produced hundreds of virtual ad boards for some of the biggest names in pharma but don’t take our word for it call us today! Do not let this vital piece of your business fall through the cracks. Let us produce your virtual ad boards today.