Five Things To Look for in Your Virtual Event Producer

“The results will speak for themselves,” is a common phrase that has been said for years.

This phrase holds true with both the reputation of people and virtual event production services.

Some virtual event producers might talk a big game. But their true quality will become clear when you look at the results.

In this two-part series, we’re breaking down how to tell the difference between virtual event production services that can deliver and ones that disappoint.

In part 1, Five Things We Hope Your Virtual Event Producer Does Not Do , we discussed 5 warning signs that should make you run for the hills. In this part, we will go over 5 telltale signs that an event management company is doing what they should.

  1. Communicate Clearly
  2. Provide Expertise
  3. Drive Engagement
  4. Reach an Unlimited Audience
  5. Create Reliable Feedback

Does your virtual event producer do these 5 things? We hope so!

1. Communicate Clearly

“If you care, you will pay attention.”

This is a fact of life that no one will argue: You cannot help if you don’t listen first.

  • Would you let a contractor paint your house if he didn’t first ask what color you wanted?
  • Would you trust a doctor to perform surgery without first telling you what kind of operation you needed?

You get the point. To solve a problem, you need to listen first. To gain trust, you need to explain your plan of action.

You’re here because you need help putting on the best virtual meeting possible. If you are intimidated about transitioning some or all of your in-person events, trainings, and meetings to virtual, you are not alone. Building a virtual program from scratch is hard work!

Be on the lookout: Whether you need comprehensive support from start to finish or consulting services for a few key details, be on the lookout for a virtual event management company that will truly listen as you explain your purpose, your goals, and how you plan to reach them.

2. Provide Expertise

When your virtual meeting starts to fall apart at the seams, nothing is more comforting than knowing you have a virtual event producer in your corner who has been through this before.

Being a true expert means having seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. More than that, a true expert has risen up to face challenges head-on and implemented the tools necessary to be prepared for the unexpected.

  • Knowledge – A high-quality virtual event producer knows the ins and outs of each platform and which one will lay the perfect foundation for your meeting
  • Process – A professional event management company doesn’t guess what they should do next. Rather, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing from consultation to teardown and everything in between.
  • Equipment – Expert virtual event production companies use the best events technology to make sure everything works smoothly no matter what. They use multi-source audio and internet failovers to ensure your online meeting isn’t interrupted.

There is a reason businesses still conduct face-to-face interviews. A person saying they are qualified on a resume isn’t reassuring enough. Whether they are an interviewee or a virtual event producer, they need to be thoroughly evaluated to prove they have the expertise they claim.

What that means for you: Ask your virtual event producer to prove that they have reliable expertise. You will then be confident you have someone in your corner that can keep you going round after round.

3. Drive Engagement

If you’re talking but no one’s paying attention, you might as well be speaking to a wall.

Think about all the hard work you put into a training or an online meeting. Imagine after organizing the event, gathering all the virtual attendees, and working up your presentation, you realize that no one’s paying attention! All of your effort was for nothing.

This is the reality of holding a virtual meeting when engagement level is low. You want a virtual event producer that knows that engagement is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of successful online meetings, trainings, and live events.

These are some of the things your virtual event producer can do to drive engagement:

  • GamificationGamification is about more than playing games. It’s about creating a better learning environment and learning experiences. Gamification helps learners pay attention and retain information much more than just training alone.
  • Resolving Technical Difficulties – It’s only natural to lose focus when things aren’t going smoothly. Your virtual event producer should have the tools and experience needed to squash and resolve any unexpected technical difficulties that come up.

Have a frank conversation with your virtual event producer. Ask them how they plan to keep your virtual attendees effectively engaged and actively participating. If they can give satisfying answers, then you can walk into your next virtual meeting confident your message will be a home run.

4. Reach an Unlimited Audience

Competition no longer means keeping up with the lower-priced hardware store across town. In today’s global economy, competition can mean keeping up with companies around the world.

Apple works with suppliers in 43 different countries and 6 continents and does business in over 175 countries and regions. [1] [2] How successful would they be if they couldn’t hold an online meeting or promote their product in more than one language or from more than one virtual event platform?

You might not have an Apple size business, but even small to medium-sized businesses can thrive if your virtual event can reach any audience in any part of the world!

What to look out for:

  • Multiple Languages: Look for virtual event production services that offer simultaneous interpretation in 100’s of languages. Ask how interpretation and translation services can help your business expand and thrive.
  • Any Virtual Platform: Make sure your virtual event producer is fully equipped to broadcast your online meeting or event from the best conferencing platform available. Zoom is a great virtual platform. But could another virtual event platform such as Microsoft Teams be best for you?

Think of your virtual event producer as a swiss army knife — equipped with a diverse set of tools to be able to navigate any type of situation.

Key takeaway: You’re in good hands if your virtual event producer has the tools needed so that you can hold your meeting or online event in any language, location, or from any virtual platform.

5. Create Reliable Feedback

How likely are you to purchase a product on Amazon that has no feedback? Or what’s the first thing you do before making a high-dollar purchase such as a phone or a car? You hop online, type in “reviews”, or binge-watch YouTube videos of users with hands-on experience.

Why do we care so much about what other people think? We often trust the advice of consumers more than the seller.

Previous customers have nothing to lose by telling the truth. If a consumer sings praises, you can feel confident that it’s no fluff!

What to double-check: Make sure your virtual event producer has outstanding feedback before using them to produce your online meeting.

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