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Can Hiring a Virtual Event Production Company Really Help You?

Everyone’s asking: “What’s the big deal with virtual events anyway?”

Never mind being able to attend in your pajama bottoms. Virtual events offer so many benefits compared to in-person events.

Virtual events are a cost-effective way for your team members to meet with employees, partners, colleagues, customers, or the general public no matter where they are in the world.

Virtual Velocity is a USA-based event management and production company. In this post, we break down the internet’s most frequently asked questions when it comes to virtual events:

  1. Why should I be interested in virtual events?
  2. What is the job description of a virtual meeting producer?

No fluff. No runaround. Just a straightforward answer to why you should probably hire a virtual event production company for your next virtual event.

Why Care About Virtual Events

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COVID-19 permanently changed the way businesses meet and collaborate. Few businesses meet face-to-face anymore. And email won’t always cut it when you have an important message to get out.

Live streaming helps you deliver that message almost as well as if you were face-to-face.

  • According to a recent survey, 75% of organizers shifted their events to virtual in response to COVID-19, and 97% expected to see more virtual and hybrid events moving forward.

Social distancing, capacity limits, and travel restrictions forced businesses to adapt to a new way of doing things in order to keep up with a changing world.

You may be asking “Are virtual and hybrid events only useful during a pandemic?” The answer is no. Virtual events are here to stay. Consider why:

  1. “The new normal” will continue to affect the way we meet and collaborate.
    • Experts expect COVID to become a permanent part of life moving forward. *
  2. The benefits of virtual and hybrid events go WAY beyond social distancing.
    • Efficient Time Use– Working from home is more common than ever. Whether you have remote employees working across town or across the world, virtual and hybrid meetings are convenient and cost-effective ways to bring your team together. The extra minutes saved on commutes mean more time for creating new ideas and problem-solving.
    • Increased Scope– Virtual meetings allow you to reach areas that in-person meetings cannot. Connect with employees and clients anytime, day or night, in any time zone and in any language.

Live events that are held strictly in person are phasing out quicker than cable television. Live streaming ensures you can reach your audience no matter what barriers life throws in the way.

What Does a Virtual Meeting Producer Do?

Virtual event producers help businesses broadcast live meetings, training sessions, and events to employees, colleagues, and customers worldwide.

Both you and a virtual event production company have the same goal: to give virtual attendees the same rich experience as in-person meetings but with even MORE flexibility.

So you may be asking: What does a virtual meeting producer do that I can’t?

If you are reading this article, you likely already feel comfortable with technology and know how to use basic communication apps and social media.

But this isn’t about how comfortable you feel with a smartphone in your hand. This is about event technology and hosting a high-quality online event. Virtual meeting producers are specialized to take your program online and make sure it’s done better than you could ever do on your own!

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Why Should You Want to Hire a Virtual Event Producer?

ANYBODY can run a simple Zoom meeting.

But what happens when you have an important event with 10s or 1000s of people? Which virtual event platform will you use? Are you prepared to handle all of the technical details while keeping everyone focused and engaged?

This is where a virtual event production company comes in. A good virtual meeting producer provides the best platform for your event while at the same time handling the technical details and difficulties so you can stay focused.

This isn’t a waste of time or money. Hiring a professional team for support is a common practice among those who are successful in their field.

For example:

  • Do you think Nascar drivers hire pit crews because they don’t know how to put fuel in their cars themselves?
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. even had an associate degree in automotive technology. But can you imagine him hopping out of his car mid-race to change his own tires?
  • Of course not. Why? It’s because behind every GREAT race car driver, is an AMAZING pit crew! Drivers delegate the technical details to a carefully chosen team so that they can focus on what’s truly important – the race.

The point: You might know your way around virtual platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You might even be a technophile (don’t worry, we had to look it up too). But this doesn’t mean you don’t need great virtual event production services any more than a Nascar driver doesn’t need a pit crew.

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A virtual event production company arranges the audio, the video, and the technical aspects of your virtual meeting so you can focus on the most important part – delivering your content to your clients and team members.

It’s essential to know exactly what a virtual event production company plans to do throughout the production and execution process when considering which one to use.

Event Management That You Can Trust

At Virtual Velocity, we make our process clear so that you can have full confidence when you go front and center. Our virtual event production services are backed by a team with 15+ years of expertise in all things virtual and hybrid.

What can you expect from our “virtual event pit crew”?

  1. Planning – The Setup
    • During our free consultation, we truly listen as you tell us about your needs. After our conversation, we deliver an effective solution. Once we agree on the right approach for your project, we get to work setting up the proper physical equipment and technological details.
  2. Preparing – It’s Go Time!
    • Our event producers start hours before the meeting begins and ensure everything is ready. We do a final walkthrough of your presentation to ensure everything will run smoothly. When it’s go time, we’ll keep working behind the scenes so you can focus on engaging your audience.
  3. Peace of Mind – The Afterparty
    • Post-event, we sit down to get your feedback. Meanwhile, our technology consultants are there to process attendee reports, edit videos, prepare for the next day, and more.

Things can get complicated when you try to handle all the technical details of a virtual event. Constant distractions will keep you from giving your best presentation. And your attendees’ interest will drop quicker than watching your grandma check her email on her iPad.

A capable virtual event production company by your side will calm your nerves by giving you constant support throughout the production and execution process.

The end result? Your training/event accomplishes everything it set out to achieve and everyone walks away saying “that meeting was actually pretty cool.

Go Virtual for Everything

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Worried that hiring a virtual event production company won’t be in the budget? How much does it cost to create a virtual event?

Take comfort in these 2 things:

  1. Virtual events are almost always cheaper than in-person events.
  2. Virtual Velocity always works within your budget. We listen to what you need to give you the best bang for your buck.

Virtual events are increasing in popularity for good reason. Technology is changing the way the world conducts business at breakneck speed. Pandemics and manmade or natural disasters just add fuel to the fire.

Are you looking to host your virtual events but have no idea where or how to start? You’re not alone in this. As an experienced virtual event production company, we specialize in online event management services to keep employees connected.

Let Virtual Velocity provide your team with the right tools to host effective and dynamic meetings, training sessions, and events with no setup required on your part.

Ready to tear down the walls of time and distance? Contact us today to see how you can broadcast your message wherever you want, to whomever you want, whenever you want.