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Five Things We Hope Your Virtual Event Producer Does Not Do

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of virtual event production services out there. Deciding who to choose for your next virtual or hybrid event can be intimidating.

We understand your situation and we’re here to assure you that finding a high-quality event production company is easier than you might think! 

For example:

  • If there was an escaped criminal in your area, the police would provide a description so you could easily identify them. 
  • They’d likely provide their height, hair color, and any other noticeable features, such as a tattoo. 
  • Knowing just a few key details makes it easy for you to quickly tell if the person next to you is a harmless citizen or the escaped criminal.

The same is true when looking for a virtual and hybrid event producer. You don’t need to hire every event management company to know whom to trust. Instead, just look for a few clear signs that will immediately tell you if you should run or if you’re in the clear. 

In this article, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to cut through the noise, by listing 5 traits of a bad event production company.

  1. Poor Communication
  2. Lack of Expertise
  3. Inadequate Engagement 
  4. Limit Your Audience
  5. Negative Feedback

In a future article, we’ll share 5 qualities that any virtual event producer claiming to be professional, will display. 

So grab your magnifying glass and let’s start our investigation.

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1. Poor Communication

It might ‘feel’ easier to hand over the steering wheel of your online event with minimal discussion beforehand. However, it may result in a less successful virtual meeting if your event management company does not request to review the details with you in advance. 

There are many details that are specific to your meeting such as:

  • What language(s) will be spoken?
  • In what specific field should the professional translator have knowledge of and be trained?
  • Which virtual platform are you considering?
  • What type of services do you need? Is it a business meeting, webinar, eLearning, or hybrid meeting? Do you need live streaming services?
  • What overall impact are you trying to accomplish with your video conference?

Being told ‘we’ll take it from here’ is one thing, however seeing your meeting in someone else’s hands is another

The consequences can be disastrous without proper communication. Instead of getting the meeting you envisioned, you will get some generic version that will have you hiding your face in embarrassment.

It’s a sign of professionalism, respect, and commitment when your virtual event producer gets to know what your company stands for and is honest with what they can bring to the table.

2. Lack of Expertise

A virtual meeting or pre-recorded event is only as effective as the virtual event production company behind it. 

Every event management company claims that they have what it takes to put on a high-quality virtual meeting. But do they have the credentials to back it up or is it all a show? To distinguish the trash talkers from the real deal, you need to investigate:

  • Are they knowledgeable about the strengths and weaknesses of each virtual platform?
  • Can they prove they have the right security in place?
  • Do they give specific solutions to anticipated problems?
  • How experienced is their team?
  • Do they have the technological equipment to handle a virtual and hybrid event?
  • How do they plan on squashing distractions?

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The best thing to do is LOOK FOR CLUES. Keep your eyes and ears open to signs that your virtual event production company won’t perform as they claim. 

Don’t worry. It’ll be easy to spot the rookies. Putting on the number 23 doesn’t make you Michael Jordan. And if during your initial consultation it’s clear that the event management company has never made a high-pressure shot, it’s time to recruit someone else.

3. Inadequate Engagement

“Yes, another Zoom meeting!” (said no one ever). That’s because business meetings have become notoriously synonymous with boredom. 

The residual events of the COVID-19 pandemic have DRAMATICALLY increased these effects, creating what’s called “virtual meeting fatigue”.

Effectively engaging your audience during virtual meetings can be difficult enough on its own.  But when you throw in technical problems… (Your mic is still muted. Are you there? I think he’s frozen. John, can you hear me?) …people are anything but excited to log on.

Not convinced this is a major problem?

  • 91% of attendees admit to daydreaming during meetings
  • 39% confess to having DOSED OFF during a meeting! Which should not be surprising considering that 22% of US adults struggle to sleep at night. [1]

This means virtual attendee engagement is one of the most critical aspects of virtual meetings, trainings, and online events. 

  • If your participants are even awake, it’s likely that 9/10 of them aren’t even paying attention! Would you feel your money was well spent after that kind of online meeting? Us neither.

The bottom line: If your virtual event production service is not ABSOLUTELY COMMITTED to driving engagement, you might as well be throwing your money into the wind.

4. Limit Whom You Can Reach

The modern workspace is complex and vast. The last thing you need is a virtual event producer who limits the number of people your virtual and hybrid event can reach.

Lack of Language Interpretation

Imagine if a virtual event management service reduced the scope of your business operations to 17% of what they are now. Would that be acceptable to you?

It’s not as ridiculous as it may sound. Only 17% of the world speaks English. So that is what happens when a virtual event producer is unable to stream your virtual meeting in multiple languages and time zones.

Your competitors are working hard to reach the global market in today’s complex economy. You would be severely limiting your business if your virtual meeting cannot be live streamed in multiple languages.

Stuck on One Platform 

Zoom is a very popular event platform for good reason. However, it is not always the best option for every virtual and hybrid event. 

Does your virtual event producer offer services on multiple conferencing platforms? Can they tell you which one will be best for you?

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Before you sign on the dotted line make sure your virtual event producer is not limited to a particular platform or set of languages. You’ve worked hard on your message. Don’t let technology limit the amount of people you can reach.

5. Negative Feedback

Word of mouth is one of the strongest ways to gain new business. We might be a little apprehensive about trusting a salesman but we almost always trust the feedback of fellow consumers. Why?

  • They have REAL LIFE experience: From consultation to the final product, they’ve seen how an event management company truly delivers under high-pressure situations.
  • Feedback is as honest as it gets: An event production company can say they are professionals but a consumer will tell you the truth. If it was a bad experience, they won’t hold back any punches. 

Consumers tend to watch out for each other. We are more than eager to warn other customers if they are about to become another victim. 

What does that mean for you?

Look for a virtual event producer who has nothing short of outstanding feedback. Many have testimonials on their website. Also, you can ask for references and contact them personally.

Your virtual meetings are too important to fall into the hands of virtual event production services that aren’t passionate about what they do. If your virtual event producer has too much negative feedback it’s time to hightail it out of there!

Get Out Before It’s Too Late!

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Some virtual event production services are so unprofessional they should be illegal. You wouldn’t let a man in your house that fits the description of a known criminal. Why then, consider hiring someone that fits the description of an unsuccessful virtual events production company?

The quality of your next virtual event is as important to us as it is to you. Delivering high-quality virtual and hybrid events is our passion. We urge you, if you discover that your virtual event producer fits the profile of a villain, get out before it’s too late!

What does a ‘model citizen’ virtual event producer look like? Head over to our next article in the series: 5 Things To Look for in Your Virtual Event Producer

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