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Three Things All Good Virtual Event Companies Need to Know

We’ve been around for a while and haven’t always had all the answers. But we’ve seen too many people choose a virtual event production company without really knowing what separates one from the other. This is important because whether it’s a full virtual meeting or hybrid event, you are going to work hard to make sure your live meeting, training, or event will have the full impact on your employees, colleagues, or customers.

Maybe you’ve thought about producing the virtual event yourself. After all, you are tech-savvy, right?

But this isn’t a conversation about if you feel tech-savvy or not. This is a conversation about how confident you are that you can refine all the technological details so that your attendees can stay focused on what really matters during the event.

Virtual Velocity is a virtual event production and audio-video company based in the USA that helps businesses produce and broadcast live meetings, trainings, and events to employees, colleagues, and customers worldwide.

We believe that you should know what you’re getting into before you sign on the dotted line. This article will show that choosing the right virtual event production company is not as overwhelming as it might seem as long as you know what you’re looking for.

We’re going to discuss 3 things every good virtual event production company and virtual event producer must know:

  1. How to Promote Engagement, Not Distractions
  2. The Event Isn’t About the Production. It’s About You
  3. What Works When Everything Goes Wrong

Now that you know what you are here to learn about let’s get started, shall we?

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1. How to Promote Engagement, Not Distractions

91% of attendees admit to daydreaming during meetings, while 39% confess to having dozed off during a meeting!

This makes attendee engagement easily the most critical, yet often overlooked, area of online trainings, meetings, and events.

After all, why put on a meeting or an event if people aren’t even going to be paying attention?

A good virtual event producer knows that your engagement level can literally be the difference between money well spent and pouring money down the drain. They go the extra mile to make sure that your audience is effectively engaged and actively participating. 


Promoting Engagement

A good virtual event team works hard to create effective virtual events that foster meaningful engagement, facilitate synchronous learning, and encourage real-time discussion.

  • They walk you through the tools and techniques to drive engagement and learning, all while helping you enjoy the process.
  • Tools like gamification are used to create a personalized learning experience. Gamification helps learners recall and retain information better than training alone and helps with onboarding, product sales, customer support, soft skills, awareness creation, or compliance.
  • There are so many virtual platforms to choose from. Will Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Adobe Connect, GotoWebinar, or Vowel, be best for what you’re trying to accomplish? A team that you can trust knows you’re concerned about how to keep your audience engaged and will be there to point you in the right direction.

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Squashing Distractions

Experience matters when the unexpected happens.

  • An experienced virtual event production company has encountered and squashed countless distractions, seen and overcame the strangest technical problems, and handled some of the most demanding clients…all while providing outstanding quality and service.

Don’t just settle for virtual event video production support. Look for outstanding virtual event video production support.

2. The Event Isn’t About the Production. It’s About You

A quality virtual event producer will be the difference between having a great meeting or one that falls flat.

Jurassic Park (1993) is one of the most iconic films ever produced. And there is a simple reason why. It was because of the emotional impact it had on the viewers. The audience was experiencing the same kind of awe as the characters.

This was Steven Spielberg’s goal and he certainly achieved it. Does this mean that the production wasn’t important? Absolutely not.

Why did Steven Spielberg pour so much effort into the production (spending tens of millions of dollars)? (1)

Because he knew that without the revolutionary CGI, compelling camera angles, and beautiful soundtracks, his main goal — getting the viewers emotionally attached — would have fallen flat.

What’s the point? Why should you care about which virtual event production company produces and broadcasts your live meetings?

  • Just like having a sub-par film production team would have undermined Jurassic Park’s main goal, without a quality virtual event production team backing you, your main goal — engaging and inspiring your audience — will fall flat.

In a successful virtual event, people walk away….

  • Feeling motivated by the seminars
  • Engaged by the content
  • Connected with the speakers

High-quality virtual event production is something that many don’t notice until it’s not there.

Good virtual production companies know they are simply there to highlight the star of the show — you.

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Key takeaway: Be on the lookout for a virtual event company that arranges the audio, the video, and the technical aspects so you can focus on the content, the clients, and the team members.

3. What Works When Everything Goes Wrong

‘Uncertainty is the only certainty there is’ – John Allen Paulos

The longer you’re in the game, the more you realize how inevitable it is that something can always go wrong. 

All virtual event production companies should carefully plan to fix and prepare for simple and predictable situations. But it’s a red flag if you are told that nothing can go wrong.

Life happens. 

  • Power failures
  • Pandemics
  • Wars
  • Riots
  • Man-made or natural disasters

A good virtual event production company knows to expect the unexpected and when the unexpected happens, they are prepared to keep your meeting going. So when the worst happens, canceling or postponing doesn’t have to be your only option. A successful virtual event production team is prepared to quickly pivot and move your meeting to a platform that works.

They’ve Gone Through the Ropes So That You Don’t Have To

How does a good virtual event production company prepare for the unexpected? It’s not left up to chance.

They use a tried a true process to provide you with constant monitoring and support before, during, and after your event as well as offer technical support for hybrid events in case of any glitches or unforeseen issues. Maybe even a process like the one below:

  • Consult– During the consultation period, they really listen as you explain your purpose and goals and then demo their equipment, software, and capabilities to match your needs.
  • Set Up– They get to work analyzing your network for access and speed, surveying the physical site of your meeting, and working with you to select the equipment needed to broadcast your event.
  • Walkthrough– Both the day before and the day of your live meeting, there is a rehearsal of your presentation and a final technology check to ensure things run smoothly during the broadcast or webinar.
  • Produce– Once you’re live, they don’t just sit back and relax. Your virtual event video production team is working hard behind the scenes to manage all the technical details and any technical issues that may present themselves. This way you can be laser-focused on delivering your message.

Being prepared for the unexpected is the difference between a virtual event production company you can rely on and one you cannot.

Real life gets in the way and the unexpected happens but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel your event.

Ask your virtual event producer what they plan to do to make sure your meeting has the greatest impact.

A Good Reputation Speaks for Itself

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

We believe that a good virtual event company and producer will let the results speak for themselves. By arming yourself with the knowledge of the 3 points above, we know that you will be able to quickly determine what type of virtual event production company it is that you are dealing with.

Which is where Virtual Velocity comes in. Instead of telling you about what type of company we are, we thought it would be better if our customers told you for us.

On this page, you will find what our customers think about our support and our knowledge. Take a look. We think you will like what you read.

See what our customers truly think

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Be Confident In What Your Doing

‘Confidence is directness and courage in meeting the facts of life’ – John Dewey

Some virtual event companies may boast fake confidence by saying everything will go according to plan. But it’s a fact of life that things can get confusing and messy.

Virtual Velocity has true confidence because we are realistic about the facts of life. With over 15 years of experience in the virtual event video production industry, our team has encountered and found a solution for every technical issue you can imagine. This gives us the courage that we can face these challenges successfully.

A digital meeting or conference is only as effective as its virtual event production team — and our team is the best.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. We use our extensive industry knowledge to ensure every virtual event exceeds your expectations.

If you want the right answers, you have to ask the right people.

Whether your team is working from home down the road or in satellite offices halfway across the world, contact us to see how our USA based virtual event production company can keep your team connected.